16th May 2018

Industry Keynote Presentation: Smart Lab: The Intelligent Laboratory of the Future

Keynote Presentation: Concept of Smart Laboratories in Indian landscape

Keynote Panel Discussion: Regulatory compliance in laboratories: What it means & Why?

Deep Dive Session

Thought Leadership: Upgrading Your Lab to a Smart Lab at a time when money is tight

Keynote Address: Enhancing Smart Lab design & Layout to ensure productive results

Strategic Insight: How Big Data Is Transforming the Lab Functions

Keynote Address: Challenges in Establishing Safety Profile in Laboratories

Strategic Insight: Central Lab for a Clinical Trial- How and What of Choosing the Right Lab

Strategic Insight: Determining how to successfully enhance Lab Data Interoperability

Strategic Insight: Data Integrity& Data Security - A major issue in the Industry

Deep Dive Session

Thought Leadership: Implementing a Robust Corrective Action & Preventive Action (CAPA )Program for Data Integrity in Laboratories

Thought Leadership Session: Improving Lab efficiency by Automating Lab work flow activities

Strategic Insight: Humans & Smart equipment: Going hand in hand